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SideTakers with Leah and Landon!

It's time for SideTakers! This is where you hear about an issue, and you pick a side. You can't find a solution... you pick a side! Do you side with Leah OR Landon? and you pick a side. You can't try and find a solution... Leah and Landon have 3 kids. Their oldest daughter is about to graduate from high school. 


Leah and Landon's daughter had one last assignment in her English class that is due on Weds. This assignment is going to count for 25% of her overall grade 

While Leah was in their daughter's room, she noticed that she used AI to help her with her last assignment. She could tell that she printed it and turned it in. If the teacher found out, their daughter would fail the class and risk not graduating. Their daughter has no idea that her parents know. 

Leah told Landon and he said that they should do nothing. He's afraid that if they tell their daughter, she will confess and flunk the class. He suggests that they wait until the school year is over, then tell her that they know and how disappointed they are in her.

Leah thinks that they should tell her now and let her try to do the work on her own. Try to see if she can get the assignment back and do it herself without the help of AI. This will teach her that there are no short cuts in life. If you cheat, you have to deal with the consequences. If it takes her all day and night, she has to do it on her own.

Landon thinks that time has run out for Leah's idea. Their daughter only has 3 weeks left in school and she's been a good student until this. 


If you side with Leah, they will tell their daughter about what they found out and she'll have to try to redo the assignment.

If you side with Landon, they will wait until after graduation and tell their daughter what they know and how disappointed they are in here.

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