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SideTakers with Mia and Ethan!

It's time for SideTakers! This is where you hear about a situation and you pick a side! You can't try to find a solution.. PICK A SIDE! Do you side with Ethan OR Mia.

Here's what's going on.

Mia has worked really hard at her job and she's has been promoted as a Vice President of her Division. The problem is that she has to move to Austin, Texas where the Corp Headquarter is located. If she doesn't accept the promotion, she would remain in Orlando at the same pay and current job title. 

Ethan thinks she should turn down the promotion because it's too far from her family. 

Mia wants to take the position and move to Texas. She would make so much money that Ethan can quit his job and just take care of the kids. Everyday Ethan complains about how much he hates his job and now he would be a stay at home dad. Their youngest daughter will graduate high school in 3 years and then they would permanently move to Texas. Mia thinks that 3 years will fly by and the whole family would be together and they would be financially secure for the rest of their lives.

Ethan feels that Mia is so good at her job that this won't be the only time they offer her a promotions. Should pass on this promotion. He feels that Mia should stay in Orlando because at this point in their daughter's lives, they need their mother at home. They're doing ok financially so she shouldn't chase the money right now.

Mia, feels like the opportunity is now and they should take advantage of it. She would fly home at least once a month and they would come to Austin during school breaks and vacation.


Side with Mia and she'll take the promotion and move to Texas

Side with Ethan and she'll stay in town.

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