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SideTakers With Nathan and Anna!

It's time for SideTakers! You hear about a situation, and you pick a side. Don't try to solve it... pick a side! In this situation - you either pick Nathan or Anna! Here's what's going on!

Anna's sister recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend. He was cheating with a girl from his job.

Out of the blue last week, Anna asked Nathan if she could look through his phone. He had no problem with it. Yesterday she asked again to go through it and this time he said, "No!". Anna is now really upset because as her husband, she should be able to look through his phone anytime. 

Nathan, let her look at it last week with no hesitation. Now she wants to look at his phone once a week. Nathan is taking offense to this because he has always been a loving, faithful husband. He feels that Anna is only doing this because of what happened to her sister. Anna's sister told Anna to not get caught off guard like she was. 

Anna thinks that Nathan should let her look into his phone anytime she wants and why is he all of a sudden objecting to it. 

Nathan wants Anna to go back to the way things were and stop bringing her sister's problem into their house. He doesn't like to put his foot down, but he is doing it now to prove a point. Now it's the phone, next it will be questioning where he's going. They have never been that type of couple.


If you side with Nathan, Anna will stop asking to go through his phone.

If you side with Anna, Nathan will start to letting her look through his phone anytime she wants.

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