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SideTakers with Zoe and Oliver

It's time for SideTakers! You hear the situation and you pick a side.. you can't try to solve it.. Pick a side!

Zoe and Oliver have been married for 8 years. Zoe has a 10-year-old son from a previous relationship. The biological father is involved in his son's life. The Biological Dad lives in Texas..


Last week Zoe's son said he doesn't want to go and see his father for the summer. They don't have a court ordered agreement and communicate well, when it comes to their son. He said that all of his friends are here, and he wants to stay. When he goes to his father's house for the summer, he'll be going to summer camp and his dad will pick him up after work every day. The child's father is a good father and he loves his first born son dearly.

The boy has a half brother and sister that are younger than him and they are going to the same summer camp. 

Zoe thinks they should let the boy stay if he doesn't want to go. Oliver thinks the boy should go to Texas and spend time with his biological Father. The boy is with them all year except for summer break. Oliver has plans to travel with Zoe and enjoy each other for the summer. It's their time together each year and as much as he loves the little boy, it's a time to recharge their marriage. They take full responsibility for the child all year except for the couple of weeks during the summer. We're talking, carline in morning and afternoon, school field trips etc. 

Zoe doesn't want the child to leave if he doesn't want to leave and they should discuss future child custody. Oliver thinks maybe in a couple years but a child his age should be using this time to bond with his father. He also feels that the child is too young to start telling his parents what he wants to do.

Who do you side with on Side Takers:

Side with Oliver and the boy will go to see his biological father for the summer...

Side with Zoe and the child will stay ...

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