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SideTakers with Savanna and Quinn!

It's time to pick a side in SideTakers! You can't solve it... you have to pick a side! and you pick a side.. you can't find a solution...

Savanna has been working at her job for about 2 years. She sees herself moving up in the company. Quin is her sister, and they are very close.


Savanna went out Friday night and had a bit much to drink. She met a man that she thought was attractive and they made out (just kissing). He was wasted too, and his friends made him leave because of how drunk he was. 

Savanna saw him again on Saturday night and he didn't even recognize her.

Yesterday, Savanna was asked to get something out of her Boss's office. While in there, she looked around and saw a picture of Boss's family. Right there in the photo was the boss's 19-year-old son. It was a recent photo of the kid celebrating his 19th birthday. The man she made out with on Friday night. He wasn't 23 like he said he was, he was only 19. Not only that, but he was also underage drinking. 

Quinn thinks Savanna should tell her boss about her son. Let her know that he was underage drinking and she made out with

Savanna feels she shouldn't say a thing and pretend that nothing ever happened. She thinks this is a family matter and she should stay away from it.  

Quinn takes underage drinking seriously. If it was her son, she would want someone to let her know. 

Who do you side with on Side Takers?

If you side with Savanna, she will say nothing and act if nothing ever happened.

If you side with Quinn she will tell her boss about her son's underage drinking 

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