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SideTakers with Jesse and Victoria!

It's time for SIDETAKERS! This is where you pick a side... you can't find a solution... you have to pick a side!

Jesse and Victoria have a 16-year-old son and he is starting his sophomore year of high school. 

The Situation:

Jesse and Victoria have a deal with their son. If he makes good grades, they will take care of everything else. 

Recently, after going school shopping, their son picked up a pair of sneakers that cost $125.00. Normally their son's shoes, didn't cost more that $40.00. Jesse doesn't want to pay that much for sneakers. This is three times more than they ever paid for it. 

Victoria thinks that they should buy the shoes. They can afford it and they made the kid a promise. Jesse thinks that this is just too much to pay for shoes. He thinks that if their son wants the shoes, he needs to take on extra jobs around the house to earn extra money.

Victoria feels that Jesse is giving the child the wrong message. You need to honor what you said. They never gave him a budget and their son is in AP classes, so he's doing extremely well in school. She knows that the older you get, the more that kid's clothing is going to cost.

Jesse has never paid that much for shoes, and he doesn't want to start now. 


Side with Jesse and their son won't get the shoes

Side with Victoria and their son will get the new sneakers 

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