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SideTakers With Ian and Paige

 It's time for SideTakers! This is where you pick a side! You can't solve it... pick a side. Check out the situation here.....

Ian and Paige have a daughter and she is a Junior in high school. She is in to athletic and even a cheerleader. 

Over the summer, Ian and Paige's daughter was invited to hang out with the very popular girls of the school. She stopped hanging out with friends that she hung out with in since middle school. She now strictly hangs out with her new friends. Ian didn't like this because some of her friends had been there for years. 

Their daughter seems to be so much happier since hanging with these girls. They have group sleepers, dressed up as Barbie and went to the movies. Stuff that her old friends never did.

Ian wants to talk to her and tell her it isn't cool to drop your friends like that for girls she doesn't even know. He thinks that she should find a way to include them with her new friends. 

Paige doesn't like the way she dropped her friends, but their daughter seems happier now. She doesn't want to do anything. 

Ian found a vape pen in their daughter's room. She said it belonged to one of her new friends. She said it isn't a big deal because most kids do it. She also promised that she wasn't vapping. Their daughter won't tell them who was doing it, to protect her. Ian wants to ban the young girl from their house. But since their daughter won't say who it belongs to, he wants to ban them all. To do this would make her look bad in front of her new friends.

Paige thinks that Ian has wanted to do this since their daughter found her new friends and is using this to do it. Paige is watching their daughter closely and hasn't seen a change. She still feels that they shouldn't do anything.


If you side with Ian, he will banned the young lady from their house

If you side with Paige, they won't do anything.

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