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SideTakers With Carmen and Tim

Time for SideTakers! This is where you hear a situation, and you pick a side! You can't find a solution... side with either Tim or Carmen. Here's what's going on...

Tim and Carmen have a 14-year-old son. He tryout for JV football and made the team. This is his first-time playing organized sport.


After two weeks of playing on the JV football team, Tim and Carmen's son said the wants to quit the team. He feels that he isn't playing in the games, so he doesn't want to play anymore.

Tim is like "absolutely not. You will not quit the team." He feels that their son needs to finish what he started. If he quits now, he'll quit everything if it doesn't go his way. 

Carmen feels that if he doesn't want to play anymore, that they shouldn't make him play. She thinks that he will start to resent them for making him do something that he has told them he doesn't want to do anymore. 

Tim wants to teach him that you need to finish what you start, and you just can't quit when you're part of a team.  

Carmen thinks that this shouldn't be a big deal, if their son doesn't want to play anymore then quit.

Tim thinks it's bigger than just quitting. You can't take your ball and go home when things don't go your way. He needs to stick it out until the end of the season.


Side with Tim and their son will finish the football season...

Side with Carmen and their son will quit the team this week...

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